Dedicated to Duds

Some of you may have seen the post I recently put on my facebook page about 95 year old Fashionista and Socialite, Zelda Kaplan, dying in the front row of a fashion show.  I think all of us, upon hearing about her death, sighed, but celebrated the inspiring irony that she was so dedicated to fashion, she literally was there until the very end.


While I am just as much of a fashion enthusiast as the next gal, I don't know that I'd have it in me to make it the front row just minutes before the lights went out for good.... or maybe I would...


Regardless of my continual devotion to the quest to always be stylish, I decided to consider those moments when I just can't make the effort to look fabulous.  Now that I've started a personal styling business, I admit that I feel more pressure to look great even when I'm just making a quick trip to the store. Sometimes I just don't have the energy to put make up on, or wear shoes with a heel, or accessorize from head-to-toe.  So I've put together a little list of short-cuts for those times I just can't muster fabulousness:


1) No matter how you feel, don't wear your 'grubby sweats' to do errands. If you really feel that crummy, don't go out! Instead put on your Juicy's and a scarf, or my go-to, leggings, Uggs and an oversized sweater:

2) Even if you can't bear to put on make-up to go out in public, slap on some lipstick while you're driving to your first errand!  I use bright red or pink, to maybe over-state the fact I have nothing else on my face, it's kind of like a big SO WHAT to our vain society!


3) Headwear: A beanie, a fedora or- in a real pinch- a baseball cap gives you some anonymity, while also keeping up with current trends.

These are my tips for keeping it together even when you don't feel like it! Here's to fashion, in all its shapes and forms and here's to Zelda Kaplan, who lived life to its fullest and left us as classily as she dressed.


xoxo, wews


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