Deep Empathy for Non-Profits and Development Directors

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I've e-mailed all my friends.

I've Tweeted all I know to Tweet.

I've posted on my Facebook feed ad nauseum.

I have $655 to raise and 3.5 days to do it.

I finally, probably, very-close-to-almost understand what raising money feels like. And, I'll be so glad to feel something different…SOON.

You see, last fall I decided that traveling to every single town or city in Oklahoma over the next ten years would be a great idea. I thought that having a meaningful conversation with one person in each of those towns would be a very special thing. My daughter, a graduate of art school, asked to join me to do the visual documentation.

And, I've raised 78% of the $3100 I need to fund our first year journeys.

And, golly-gee whillikers it's been hard!

To all the non-profits I've supported over the years: I salute you.  To all the development directors who raise millions of dollars for universities and good causes everywhere, you have my respect.

I have $655 to raise, 3.5 days to get there, and I could use YOUR help too.  See what I'm doing?  I've e-mailed my friends, I've chatted with colleagues, and now...I'm posting on BlogHer because it's a cool community.  And, it might just be worth the one or two backers I get!  Take care...and check out our project HERE.

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Best, Red Dirt Kelly