Migraines, Job Competence, the Presidency and Michele Bachmann

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Editor's note: I spent a lot of this week dealing with my first-ever migraine headaches, complete with scary visual auras -- and it's been a little weird for me to read news coverage of Michele Bachmann's migraines and the release of a note from Bachmann's doctor that she's in good health. So of course I was interested in this post by Dana, a fellow "migraineur," on chronic health conditions and job competence. -- Julie

I know from experience that a migraine can put a sufferer to bed, unable to work or socialize. But this should happen rarely if a person is under proper medical care. (And yes, Daily Caller, that means taking drugs. People in pain take drugs; this doesn't mean we're drug addicts or incompetents.) We've certainly had excellent presidents -- Kennedy, FDR, Wilson -- who've suffered from chronic medical conditions and even popped pills. There's no reason why migraines should be especially disqualifying.

Read the full post, "I Thought Hell Would Freeze Over Before I Defended Michele Bachmann," on Dana Goldstein's blog now.

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