Defining Your Personal Wellness Path Step 1


How do you define your own wellness path? The natural reaction is to look to the paths of others. Think of someone you admire. Who was the first person that popped into your head? Michelle Obama,  Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr Mehmet Oz? Many people leave a bold and impressive footprint, other people move along their paths with such precision and determination it is inspiring.

The first step in defining your path is to set goals. Everyone's goals will be different, so it is time to take stock of where your health is statiscally. Make a doctor's appointment today. Dr. Oz is always telling us to, "Know Your Numbers". I agree. So start fathering information about yourself. Find out your blood pressure, waist size, weight, cholesterol and fasting blood sugar.

Since you probably won't be able to see your doctor today, what can you do now? Grab a notebook and record your weight and height. Record a few facts about your family history, your diet in general and the stress you have in your life. Start being aware of your health.

How do you realistically set your goals? Stop thinking of your path in baby steps and start thinking about the bigger picture. Let's face it, changing poor lifestyle habits is never easy, especially if they comfort you. However, if you keep a strong vision of a healthy you, one without excess weight, addictive habits or illness your path will be much easier to follow.



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