Definitely NOT a Hooters girl

When I first had my son, I was terrified of breastfeeding. Not that I felt like he was going to chomp my nipples off or anything, but I was just petrified that someone would SEE me breastfeeding. I know the current culture is to be gung-ho about it, and just expose them boobies, but honestly, I will never, ever be one of those women who can just whip it out in a supermarket. Me? I need my privacy. I would go to the car whenever my son needed to be fed. I remember one time Nick got really grumpy at the doctor's office while we were waiting. We were in a private room, so I surreptitiously slid my nursing bra aside, then sneaked part of my boob out and quickly hoisted his little head up so no part of my boob was visible. Then I laid his burp cloth on my shoulder and over his head, just in case. And after his appointment, when the nurses asked if I'd like to stay a minute to feed him, I said, "No, thank you!" and bolted to the car as fast as my 1-week postpartum body could.

Now, I wasn't always like this. Before I gave birth and actually had ANYthing to do with breastfeeding, I remember I had a very heated conversation with my husband, who asked what I'd do when my mother-in-law came to visit her grandson for the first time. She was flying cross country, and planned to stay a week or two. This is the rough reproduction of the conversation:

Husband: "So, when my mom is here, will you take Nick to the bedroom everytime you want to feed him?"

Me: "Why would I do that?"

Husband: "You know... because otherwise you'd have to breastfeed him in front of my mom."

Me: --Steaming at ears-- "SO?? You think that just because I want to feed my son, I should barricade myself at the other end of my own house??"

Husband: --Slowly backing away-- "N-no... I just thought, you know, that you might feel uncomfortable..."

Me: "Uncomfortable?? If anyone should feel uncomfortable, it's people who think that women who want to feed their children should isolate themselves away from the public! Why must I be punished for wanting to give my child the best nutrition possible? Do YOU want to go the bedroom everytime YOU eat?"

And on and on it went, with my poor husband likely wondering what he ever did to deserve a pregzilla for a wife. Anyway, now that I know that I really am not one of those women who can proudly breastfeed in public (and hooray for you if you are! You have to tell me how you do that), I have been on the lookout for chic nursing covers that don't cost a fortune. I know I want something practical, but will I give up looks? Hell to the no! And I am definitely not wearing anything that resembles a sack, which is what I was finding when I went looking with a price tag of below $20 in mind.

Well, that is, until I stumbled upon Etsy. Have you seen the sheer amount of talent on that website? It's enough to make one dizzy! I spent hours just typing in keywords and drooling over alllll the adorable, cute, haute stuff on there! And that is when I found it... THE nursing cover I had been searching for. There is no need to look further, ladies. This nursing cover has functionality, beauty AND an under-$20 price tag! So without further ado, here she is...

Nursing cover

Doesn't that look like a dress you'd find in an upscale boutique somewhere, rather than a piece of cloth you use to cover up your hooters? And I think the boning she puts in the top so you can see your baby (and so your baby can, um, breathe!) is just sheer genius. If you want to go check out her store - and other prints - click here.

So while you drool over all the fabulously talented women on there, I am off to order my new nursing cover! See ya tomorrow!

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