Pizza Sauce (and Del Monte Diced Tomatoes)

One of the meals my kids and I look forward to most is homemade pizza. They like it because they're kids and well, kids like pizza. I like it because it is fast and easy, and I almost always have all the ingredients on hand. Del Monte Diced Tomatoes are perfect for pizza night, especially if you are like me and don't particularly like canned pizza sauce. The Del Monte tomatoes are great tasting and the chunks of tomatoes make you feel like you made it from a bunch of fresh tomatoes....more

Sunday Dinners and a $100 Giveaway

DH and I spend most of the weekend indulging on unhealthy foods. We're trying new restaurants, snacking on sweets I baked, getting drinks with friends, etc. When Sunday rolls around, I end up feeling quite guilty from everything we've consumed. Whenever possible, I try to set Sunday dinner aside for a little bit of cleansing. Nothing too drastic, but I like to cook a healthier dinner, load up on greens, and start the detox from our weekend of indulging....more