The Journey To Becoming Myself

As a little girl I dreamed of growing up to be a famous singer. I didn't let the fact that I can't carry a tune in a bucket deter me from that dream. As I got older my dream evolved into something slightly more realistic- I had high hopes for becoming a princess. Hey, I said slightly more realistic. By the time I was approaching adulthood reality had gotten a hold of me. Well, reality and my high school guidance counselor who alternately begged and demanded that I choose a career path....more

When Having Children Changes You

Recently, I saw a preview for the Dreamworks movie "Delivery Man," starring Vince Vaughn. It looked like something right up my alley. The perfect comedy of errors which leads to self-reflection and improved character. (Pretty hefty meaning for Vince Vaughn, right???) The movie is a hilarious and heartfelt movie about a man who goes on an unexpected journey to find his children that he never knew he had....more

Because Having Kids Changes You: $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

our life will never be the same. How many times do expectant moms hear this phrase? I know I lost count. And I remember nodding my head in agreement (or sometimes rolling my eyes if I'd heard it multiple times that day). But really, I had no clue just how true this would be. I could tell you that my kids have forced me to be a morning person. That I'm now expected to laugh at fart jokes. That I've learned to be a sports mom (7 soccer games this Saturday alone). Or that by having all boys, I've had to let go of how girly-girl I've always been....more

The Planner Goes Un-Planned

Let's talk about me from a few years ago, shall we?I was a planner - totally and entirely. From work to home, I had a to do list for the day, the month, and the year. I knew what I had to accomplish, I knew what I had to do to accomplish those tasks. I worked like a well-oiled machine. I was steaming along, and when I somehow got knocked off that track, things weren't pretty. I just didn't function too well if something didn't fit into my plan....more

How Parenting Makes Us Grow

From the outside looking in, it's hard for anyone to imagine why one would ever want to have children. You look at this world that now encompasses a new parent and their novel lifestyle, and it becomes confusing and difficult for one to grasp the beauty in the chaos. How does one identify the lust for a messy home, the desire to battle a miniature sized lawyer every day, and the want to live by one never-ending to-do list to the next? The answer is simple: you don't....more

"How long have you been a photographer?"

This post is brought to you by "Delivery Man"--a heartwarming film featuring Vince Vaughn, which arrives on Blu-ray 3/25/2014. Tim and I managed to see it in the theater during a very rare date night and the plot twist provided for great discussion on parenting and what constitutes a family. Be sure to check out your opportunity to win a $100 Visa gift card by leaving a comment! ____________ A question I hear fairly often is, "How long have you been a photographer?" The answer to that is always more complicated than I think the asker actually wants to hear....more

Ice Cream Dates and Seasonal Hand towels: Kids Make Life More Fun

Oh, the many ways having kids made my life better. You're probably expecting me to expound on how bringing new life into this world has changed me from a selfish girl to a vision of charity and grace, but I can't even type that with a straight face. Here are five (but not the only five) reasons why having kids has made my life better:...more

Parenting hasn't stopped me from pursuing my passions {$100 gift card giveaway from Delivery Man}

It's interesting to think about pre-parent me and who I was six and a half years ago compared with today. It's incredible the ways being a parent has changed me — not just in terms of stretch marks, a higher tolerance for being peed on, and the adopting of phrases my mom used to say that I swore I never would — but in ways that affect my deepest core and have brought me into my true self....more

True Self Teachers

Today my friend brings home three children forever via adoption from foster care. “I am on the brink of a life change, I feel like I am saying goodbye to this season of my life…” she said, excited—anxious, nervous. “And you won’t even remember what you used to do with your time prior,” we smiled at her, then laughed at the truth of it. But it's not just the ways I spend my time that I see myself as changed when becoming a parent....more

How My Kids Changed Me (and a Giveaway!)

I remember being asked hundreds of times: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" For the longest time, I thought I wanted to be a teacher. There was really nothing else I could have imagined myself doing. I think I had this mentality because I had some really good teachers in elementary school. They helped form my perspective on being around lots of kids and how to treat them. I loved "playing school" with my friends and "teaching the kids" :)...more