Dementia ... the cruelest disease

I just received a second call from my grandmother, wishing me a happy birthday. My birthday is next week, but my youngest son's is today. During the first call, she thought my youngest was my oldest and my oldest was his cousin!


This could be funny if it were not so sad.


The confusing call had to be explained, of course, but the little one is still not going to understand what's going on.  My goal is to just enjoy whatever part of her we have for as long as we have her. She is still a lot of fun, but I guess I can no longer go to her for advice. That makes me very, very sad because I used to love speaking with her. Now I can't wait to get off the phone. I'm a terrible person, I know, but I don't want to burst into tears in front of her and then have to explain and watch her forget five minutes later. (Seriously...five actual minutes.)


Has anyone else dealt with dementia in a close relative? How did you cope?


I'm off to use my brain writing while I have my senses.


Rosemary O’Brien

Owner, A Word or Two, LLC




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