A Gang Rape Ignites Protests Over India's Rape Culture

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I wonder what the Virgin Mary would have thought about seeing the same rape culture in our society that she experienced over 2000 years ago. I wonder what would happen if a woman today got pregnant out of wedlock and told everyone she was carrying the Messiah. Would she be believed? Or would she be written off as mentally ill, trying to get attention, or simply stupid?

I’m not here to argue whether or not Jesus was the Messiah or Mary actually went through what the Bible says she went through. All of this is down to faith. But rape culture is not to be argued with. If you benefit from rape culture, take a step back and think about why. Strive for change. India is seeing the light . . . when will North America?

Editor's Note: This post was updated to reflect the heartbreaking news that a teen victim of gang rape in India commited suicide on December 27. -- Julie

Editor's Note: This post was updated to reflect that the victim of gang rape in New Delhi has died in a hospital in Singapore. -- Rita


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