Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport!


I just watched “The People Speak” on the History Channel. I can't sleep because I'm fired up and want to go start a protest right now. I started thinking about our society and how it seems as though we have become spectators. During the Vietnam war, people spoke out. Here we are in another depression, because things haven't been this bad since the Great Depression, and so many people are just sitting on the sidelines watching. We are fighting a war in another country while our educational systems are failing. We are watching the Susan Boyle story and American Idol while people are trying to stretch that last dollar and buy milk. Our entire situation needs reform, and here we sit watching reality tv and discussing Tiger Woods.


Injustices are happening all around us. Small injustices, every day, and no one does anything. We sit and watch and think, “Oh that problem is theirs. I don't have any right to get involved.” Then when things are falling in on our heads we want to blame the person in charge, whomever it is. The fact of the matter is that we have all become lazy. Our parents were out changing the world fighting for equal rights, AIDS, and fair wages. Our generation sits on our butts and watches Paris Hilton, and John & Kate Plus 8. What has happened to our country? Since when is a problem in a neighborhood or a school, just that neighborhood or school's problem. We are all a part of the planet, this country and what happens to our neighbor happens to us. Failing schools will produce failing adults. Poor neighborhoods produce angry people and crime trickles out from the spot like the points on a star. A problem in the city neighborhood is a problem for the suburbs, it is inevitable. We are making this country into the nation it will become day by day. We trash the planet and then deny that it's environment is in crisis. We trash the educational systems but sit by and watch them crumble. The choices we make to patron a store that pays poor wages will effect our children. Each day a school fails is another day that the future rulers of our country are failing. Our country was built on the principals of people banding together to fight for change. I fear that this generation of twenty and thirty somethings will fail the future generations. We are making the decisions that will shape our children's futures. Our idle lackadaisical attitude will cost our grandchildren


What can you do? What can one person do? Not much, but if we work together and try to make a difference we will. Maybe we won't see that difference in the next 2 years, or 4 years, but if we speak out our children will see us speaking out and they will speak out. If we help out in the school that is failing, those children will learn compassion and carry it with them. Each and every one thing you do can make a small difference, and if each of us makes a small difference we can change the world.


Go out and make a difference today. Turn off the reality tv, get a newspaper out, and figure out how you can make this nation that is ours a different one today!


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