Den Chronicles: Independence Daze


As we celebrate another Independence Day in America, I begin to reminsice about the day I became a mom and lost my independence. Then I began to like the fact that I had children that depended on me. Just when I thought I had it figured all out, my oldest hits the teen years.

It is like the early years of parenting all over again, as he strives to let freedom ring in his own life and I strive to be needed by him.

Here is an excerpt from my latest post regarding parenting a teen:

Now that I have a teenager I am seeing a new transformation. The transformation of the young adult. The independent thinker who wants the umbilical chord to be cut. The child who thinks I am way too protective and sometimes a little controlling. These are not new characteristics of teens, but this is a phase that I am not completely at ease with as a parent.

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