A Prednisone Problem: Lost Bone Density

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[Editor's Note: Why does a drug that can do so much good have so many horrendous side-effects? And what do you do when faced with this type of problem? - Denise]

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So, aside from living day to day with either Oreo or chocolate cake or various flavors of pie crumbs goobered down my front, every morning I slug down that little white pill without reservations.

Until Saturday, after I opened the mail. A slim white envelope addressed to me from my clinic contained the results of a bone density test. My doctor had highlighted the results which said: Significant bone mineral density decrease in the spine and hip regions. 10-year fracture probability for major osteoporotic fracture: 9%. Risk factors: Age, gender, glucocorticoid use. He had scribbled a note that we would discuss this at our upcoming appointment.

Well, dang. If I have to lose a significant amount of density of something, why can't it be adipose tissue? Or shoe size?

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