Dental Woes Shouldn't Happen to the Dentist's wife!

Just a warning for the squeamish.  I’m on vicidin, so I might be graphic.  Dental phobes should check out now, ok?  Still here?  Then read on.

About 5 years ago I had a root canal done on number 26 which is the little tooth next to your bottom pointy canine tooth.  It wasn’t my first root canal, I think we counted eleven when I was in the chair the other day to have 2 crowns replaced.  It sure is a perk to be married to a dentist when you’ve had as much dental work as I’ve had in the last 12 years.  crazy stuff.  11 root canals.

Anyway, about a year ago, the tooth started hurting again, and there was an abscess on my gum.  So in I go to get this retreated.  I overheard someone say “she can’t lose this one, it’s in the front”.  This is my third extraction, third root canal failure.  It’s not the dentist’s fault they go wrong, it just happens sometimes.  Unfortunately for me, it has happened 3 times. 

The other two, well I was going to have implants done, but I was chicken so I never made the appointment to get the 3d xray and get the work started.  Then I used my back problems last year as an excuse.  But if I had tried then, I couldn’t have sat through treatment. 

I was just getting my yearly panoramic X-ray and when the hubs looked at it he said “awww man” and I looked and I saw this black void in between the affected tooth and the one next to it.  That’s bone loss.  The infection was eating my jaw bone.  There were no more options, we saw an endodontic specialist 2 weeks ago and she said it had to come out.  Now mind you, I am having no pain.  But something bad is going on :( 

We refer patients to both the endodontist and the periodontist, so they like us, they usually do my work for free, it’s called professional courtesy, hubby says.  The lab isn’t quite as generous...because we make our own crowns now, we’ve cut back on the amount of business we give them, we cut Way way back.  The endodontist said something to the effect of this always happens to the people we love most, and lawyers.  She said the tooth had to come out, it probably has a little fracture in the root.

So today around noon, we went to see Dr. Neumann (thank you so much doc) and he went over the paperwork with me, had me sign the paperwork after he explained what he was doing to me (i didn’t care just get this infection out of me), and then knocked me out enough that I couldn’t feel anything he was doing and honestly I didn’t care what he was doing.  After having all this work done, and 3 emergency extractions, the last place I want to be is in the dental chair.  But give me enough nitrous and I’m ok.  The tension just floats out of my feet and I am totally relaxed.  I told him that it wasn’t working and then all of a sudden it was, as I slurred “yeah now it is”.  

He gave me oxygen for a while after he was done.  My blood pressure was a little high, but considering the circumstances, it wasn’t as high as it could have been.  Now all the anesthetic  has worn off and it hurts like a f&cker.  

Seriously, I wanted to blog about something more exciting today.  I did see the babies this morning while Nikki went out for last minute stuff for the halloween party tomorrow night.  All my dogs are freshly groomed and smell wonderful.   

And the best part is, the hubs is making me chicken rice soup.  Life is good.  My mouth hurts.  Like a f&cker.  

 I do have a photo of the tooth, but I'll spare you and give you some pretty mums instead.  :)

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