Denver's first protests, 'dingbat campaign consultants', complaints of AP editor bias and Veepstakes

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The Democratic convention hasn't officially started yet, but there's plenty of blog-news from Denver:

* Jeralyn of TalkLeft reports Cindy Sheehan and "Recreate '68" helped kick off the first, 1,000-person protest - a peaceful one even after a Fox News reporter laid hands on a professor. Immediately after, Anita Thomas questions the name - "Recreate '68" - and invokes Hunter S. Thompson.

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* Gloria Feldt, 2004 DNC veteran, recommends anyone participating as a speaker in the DNC "watch out for dingbat campaign consultants" and invokes the spectre of a Kerry finish if Obama doesn't heed her advice.

* Kim Pearson posts how bloggers like Jane Hamsher of FireDogLake allege AP editor Ron Fournier is biased against Obama. Kim has asked AP to comment...

* Okay, we know you know that Obama chose Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) for his running mate. What you may not know is how many women are responding. Read these comments, and then take a peek at Beth Arnold's post, 1968 to 2008: We must not screw this up, in which she remembers her very political father, a yellow-dog Democrat, and forward to an opportunity she fears Americans will waste. Meanwhile, Laracolvin is arguing with herself now that Obama's chosen Biden as Veep. Others, from Lauriesm to Maria Niles are not.

* MSNBC blogger Domenico Montanaro blogs that the GOP has has opened up Denver offices to commentate during the convention and launched a new site which partially honors Obama's Veep choice:

* Myrnatheminx wants to know your choice for John McCain's Veep.

* Both parties are uniting local merchants, and not in a good way according to Elana Centor. Her Political Conventions and Local Businesses: Not A Love Fest douses the economics of these party mosh pits in what I'm calling eau de Beijing in a nod to those of us who have read reports of Chinese merchants disappointed by their take from the 2008 Olympics.

* Finally, I am shocked, I tell you, shocked that no one is blogging about the yoga class that The Big Tent will offer bloggers 7 a.m. Monday.

* More Monday as we prepare to hear your reactions to scheduled speeches and events by Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi and many other women critical to both campaigns. The policy topic of the day for BlogHer's team is health care: Which candidate's health care plan will insure the most women and children, and why?

Okay, what have we missed?


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