Deployment: 8 Months In

8 months in
3/4 of the way through
244 days down
121 days left (approximately)

Time flies.

Feelings: We hit the 7 month mark right when Q began his 6 day travel back to the US for R&R and it couldn’t have come at a better time. We know we love each other, we know we are in love, but sometimes you need to hold hands/laugh/sit next to each other to remember all the little things you love about one another. R&R did just that. It reminded us of why we are together and of the small things we do that make each other laugh (i.e. me sleeping with a stuffed animal every single night). R&R was perfect and all we could ask for. We spent time with family, traveled to visit friends, had nights to ourselves and just enjoyed being around each other. When Q left, it wasn’t as sad as when he first deployed because having 4 months left seems like a drop in the bucket in the long run.

Q and me with his niece, Harper

Communication: Right before Q left they got wireless in his COP, so we were able to text with our iPhones. It was so amazing to have real time texts. Unfortunately when Q got back from R&R, the wireless was dismantled! We still get to talk every day and email a few times throughout the day.

Care Packages Sent: 28 or so. I didn’t send any while Q was here, so he didn’t get my Christmas package in time. Instead, he will just have to eat Christmas candy for New Years.

Overall, I have to say R&R is the best thing that has happened to us this deployment, we knew we were strong before it, but our relationship grew stronger every day that he was home. I know the next 4 months are going to fly by and I can’t wait to have that feeling of pure joy again seeing him get off that plane.