depressed, anxious prone to eczema and carpal tunnel, problems sleeping ,heartpalpatations, welcome to hypothyroidism!

 i have been struggling with depression on and off for years, always suffering more in the winter months. hah i chalked it up to a  self diagnosis of SAD seasonal affective disorder. This year my bout started january, november and december were crucial months in the making of my january depression. i had falling outs with my only siblings, stopped speaking to them and i was trying to find a new place to live bouncing from place to place between july and november. i found a place in late november and my kids and i had a sparse xmas. january was better, but i still felt tired and worn out from the previous months. it seemed so dark and dreary. the doom and gloom of the weather was hard to take day after day, it rained here a lot this year in central cali. i started having panic attacks and genuinely disliking people, especially happy people. i would cry at the drop of a hat. finally in february i asked for time off from work without pay mind you, flying by the seat of my pants something i do a lot. did i take a vacation, go to a spa day, or get a new hairdo? ugh no i made a doctors appointment and decided i needed to go back to counseling. i was put on some medication for my depression and anxiety and started counseling. the medication made me sleep more and my carpal tunnell became excruciating, my counselor redundant. my physicians assistant ordered bloodwork that i put off for 2 months ( fear of the d word, diabetes) so here we are in may and i finally had my bloodwork done and actually went in to get the results. well only cause i was out of my blood pressure meds hah. so she reads me my results and says "hmmm... you're anemic,  your bloodsugar is good, and your cholesterol is good. everything looks good, but hmm the thyroid seems  a little off lets order another test." damn it all another test and hah don't say it,  because i went in the next morning. and then a week later the results "you have hypothyroidism". well seems my poor thyroid is not producing the hormone i need that would reduce these lovely symptoms that i have been suffering with for years.

so here i am on thyroid hormone and wow what a difference, its only been a couple of weeks but i expect that things will get  even better. seems theres a marker or cutoff that most physicians follow standardly and mine was slightly less than the marker. thank goodness i had a good PA or who knows how long my hypothyroidism would have gone unnoticed. so i guess the moral of this story dearhearts is that when your body speaks to you LISTEN UP, and then find a good clinic or physician that listens to you. and dont leave out the details people!  describe every freaking symptom you have because what you may be suffering from could be something you weren't even thinking about! though this is a pill i will have to take for the rest of my life and i do have more testing to go because i don't just have the textbook hypothyroidism,( lucky me!) i am feeling so much more hopeful and better and dare i say it HAPPY!



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