Depression: What’s Your Role?

It can be heartbreaking to see someone you love or care about crumble under depression. Often depressed people tend to withdraw from their own loved ones, thus making it even more difficult for friends and family to reach out to them. If you know someone who is depressed and want to do whatever you can to help him, you need to first ask yourself a few key questions. Does he want help? Does he even know he’s depressed? What role do I want to play in his healing journey? In addition to the following suggestions, you will want to do some research of your own to ensure you have the tools necessary to handle whatever may result from your stepping in; as with any illness, your role may be to simply recommend an independent support and not actively play a role. For your convenience, I’ve included a few recommended resources at the bottom of this article.

If you feel as though you must do something, then you need to ask yourself one final question: “What is my true motivation for needing to help?” If it is anything other than standing and showing your unconditional love for a friend, then directing that friend to professional help will be necessary. So now that you’ve worked through all the questions and your final answer is still, “I love my friend dearly and just want to make sure she knows I am here without judgment,” here are a few suggestions.

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