Derrick Jensen Forum is back up!

Good News!!  DJ Forum is back up and running.  However, note the last para, I'm kind of afraid to see if I've been banned from this site.  LOL!

Hey all,

Just to let you know, W____  has kindly fixed the forum, and we're back up and running as before. We're missing some posts still, and some of you may need to re-intro to be set to the right membergroup. So please do let us know if this is you.

Secondly, I just discovered a couple of forum glitches, which has meant some people will be seeing a 'banned' message when they are not banned. If you are left in the dark as to why a ban has occurred, you may be one of the people for whom this glitch applies. One of the glitches I sorted out, so you can try logging in.

If however, you're still seeing a banned message, please get in touch with me at: giving me your username you registered with, and your email address you registered with, and I'll see if you're within that group for whom there has been a glitch.

Note: for those people who were individually banned, I am not going to enter into discussion. If you feel you have learned from the ban, and wish to make amends, then you need to detail to the moderation team what it was that went wrong, what you have learned about this, and what you are doing to rectify your behaviour in your various relationships. The moderation team will then discuss your situation, and we will come to an agreement on a case-by-case basis. Derrick has no say in who we ban and don't ban, so please don't make your plea to him.

Kind regards,

Miss P_____,
On behalf of The The Derrick Jensen Forum Team.

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