The Design Box: Simply Seated

so everyone says, "the easiest way to spice up a room is to paint". For the most part this is true; but who actually likes painting? It's the prep work and mess that suck! So when I think easy, I'm looking for little prep time, easy clean up, and easy on the pockets.

What about reupholstering? When I say reupholster (in this case) I really mean it in it's most basic form; stapling some fabric on a chair seat. It doesn't get easier than this- you don't even have to be much of a DIYer. All you have to do, literally, is unscrew, staple and screw back in.

Here's an example with a recent client:

I was revamping a tired, outdated, and very traditional dining room that had expensive furniture. There was no way Ms. Client was parting with her $20,000 dining room suite that she bought in 1986- nor was she willing to paint it (I don't blame her, I guess). So if Mahogany furniture stays, what goes?


Before: old, discoloured fabric washed out the rich mahogany wood

I wasn't left with much choice in how i was going to update the space, so Ms. Client opted for the solution with the lowest degree of commitment and risk- new fabric on the chairs. It turned out really well actually; such a small improvement made all the difference in the space.

After: Not too shabby for two yards of fabric and a stapler


 before: traditionally boring

after: classically modern




fabric: amy butler's nigella in grey/primrose

images: melissa condotta