Designer Shoes or Bottled Water?

The Green Goss: It takes 1,000 years to decompose. It is not as regulated as tap. It takes petroleum to produce and transport. We recycle only about 35% of them (about the same in the US I believe) - the rest are in landfill or our seas. And, it tastes no better (Choice Taste test 2005). Like the Department of Environment and Climate Change and the San Francisco and Seattle municipalities, our family has banned buying bottled water. Little Green Fix: We all know what to do, buy a reusable water bottle and take it with us. Come on, we can remember our lipstick! Aluminium bottles are best. My favourite is the SIGG which has an incredibly safe liner to prevent leeching and lots of gorgeous designs. Supermodel Gisele is a fan (that should get you out there buying one). Check them out at Sigg. Plastic is OK but make sure it is #2, #4 or #5. Never reuse bottled water bottles (usually #1) as over time the risk of leaching and potential for bacterial growth increases. While tap water is regulated and tested it does still have stuff in it and you don't know what is in your pipes (particularly in older homes). A simple filter will remove chlorine, other chemicals and trace materials.
I figure my family spent over A$500 a year on bottled water....or some beautiful shoes. I know which I would rather have. xxx


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