Despicable Me 2 Minion Cupcakes

Yes this is a detour from literature. But if anyone ever wonders how much I love my sister, I love her this much.

Despicable Me 2 Minion Cupcakes

I love her enough to be up long after midnight (long after my head has begun dropping forward), rolling fiddly little fondant eyeballs, just to make her minion cupcakes during exam time (she happy dances to theMinions Banana song. Minions are her happiness).

I wouldn't have the first clue on human anatomy (I flunked science). I do know from time to time, she practices going through the process of taking xrays of me. This, of course, was less terrifying than when she was studying phlebotomy, the practice of taking blood. She'd reach across the dinner table and feel my arm going, 'that vein is perfect!'

And I know that so long as there's banana loving minions in the world, she'll be ok.

Despicable Me 2 Minion Cupcakes

I didn't take photos as I went, as I wasn't actually planning on posting these, however the general gist is this.

You'll need:

*cupcakes. I made simple mini vanilla cupcakes, but if you want to go all minion, make apple or banana flavoured cupcakes. Those fruits whip minions into a frenzy. To get a smooth top, scoop your batter into the cupcake wrappers, wet your hands and smooth the top of the batter.

*yellow fondant

*white fondant

*brown fondant. I had gold glitter mixed with a little water and a stroke of black edible pen to darken the fondant, and kneaded it together 

*grey fondant. I didn't have my food gels with me, so I took some white fondant and placed several strokes of the black edible food marker onto it, then kneaded it.

*silver glitter

*edible food marker

*vanilla frosting

*green food dye for the banana tip

*fondant cutters. I used the cupcake wrapper container to cut out the yellow fondant to fit on top of the cupcake, and the top of the food dye bottles (washed) to cut out the white eyes.

Let the cupcakes cool, then top with a thin layer of frosting.

Roll out the yellow fondant and cut out circles. Once cut out, I rolled each of the circles slightly more so it'll drape over the cupcake. Place over the cupcake and smooth, and use a sharp knife to trim the edges and neaten.

Next roll out the white fondant, and cut out the eyes.

Mix your brown fondant and pinch off tiny tiny bits. Flatten with your fingers, lightly wet the back of one side and press into the whites of the eyes. Finish off with your black edible pen, drawing in the pupils and using a drop of white, either with fondant or frosting. Add a thin smear of frosting to the back of the eye and press onto the yellow cupcake head.

To do the glasses, I found it easier to roll out the grey fondant into thin snakes, cut strips, create the circle and seal it together. Wet the back and press around the eyes to attach and flatten. To finish the goggles off, I brushed wet silver glitter onto the fondant goggles to get a metallic finish.

Finish it off by drawing on black hairs and a mouth with the pen.



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