If Only People Came with Warning Labels

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Editor’s Note: Can you imagine how much easier dating would be if people came with warning labels attached? Would you pay attention to the label or give people the benefit of the doubt?

What about your own warning labels -- what would they say? Would you be disappointed if someone turned you down based only on the label or would the benefits of these outweigh the risks?

Photo by Jose C. Silva.

Despite All The Warning Signs

I cracked up when I saw this cartoon in a recent issue of The New Yorker magazine featuring a guy with warning signs all over his clothes. If only life could be this simple and clear, right!? It made me chuckle about all the warning signs I missed in some of my past encounters.

Like the guy who managed not to mention that he might not actually be divorced (though he's certainly thinking about it). Or the one who didn't tell me he "goes for the jugular" in any argument, no matter how minor. Or the one who forgot to mention his serious shoe fetish... and if it's not indulged, he can't "function" (sigh).

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