Despite the Pain: Obama is Much Better for Women than McCain

I’m relieved that my internal struggle is finally over. On
one hand I’d wake up everyday wanting Hillary to keep fighting, and on the
other hand I’d want her to drop out so we could move forward to the general
election. On one hand, I wanted the first woman President, the street fighter
and candidate ready to serve from day one. On the other hand I wanted the guy
for change, the guy who could pack stadiums with 70,000 people, the guy who
funded his campaign with $100 donations. I literally found myself sick inside about
one of them having to lose.

I know I’m not the only woman feeling incredibly
disappointed about “missing out our first shot at the top job. I say “our”
first shot because Hillary became a symbol for me of all our collective struggles
to break glass ceilings. Watching her fight brought sweet justice to the man on
an airplane a month ago who asked me if I was my boss’s secretary and to the
colleague who insinuated that I got my executive job because I was a young
“attractive” woman. When she lost, I felt I lost a bit. I don’t deny it.

So now the news cycle is buzzing with commentary on what
Senator Obama needs to do to woo away Senator Clinton’s loyal feminist base.
It’s a good question, but it can’t be separated from the discussion of where
McCain stands on women and the issues that are especially important to us.

This is our choice:

  • Diplomacy and strategic action vs. 100% military
    solutions to terrorism
  • Access to safely ending unwanted or unintended
    pregnancies vs. coat hangers and back alleys
  • Family planning services vs. abstinence only
  • Breast cancer screenings for those who can’t
    afford it vs. tough luck if you don’t have health care
  • Ending the war vs. extending it for 100 years
  • Democracy vs. fascism
  • Increasing the minimum wage vs. keeping things
    at status quo (60% of those affected are women)
  • Protecting women against wage discrimination vs.
    ignoring the reality of gender inequality in the workplace
  • Privacy vs. illegal wire tapping
  • Repealing Bush’s tax-cuts vs. failed trickle
    down economics for the wealthy
  • Health care for all vs. unreasonable health cost
    burdens for low-income people

  • Oh, and don’t forget he’ll appoint more
    right-wing judges.

Add that all up and I’m confident that the women who voted
for Hillary will take the bigger picture into consideration. We can’t afford
another eight years of Bush or what could be worse.

Women can still have a victory in this election by voting
for the candidate who cares about women and the issues that matter to us. While
I know Senator Clinton’s loss hurts today, a McCain victory would do damage
that would hurt women and our families forever. I’m going to and donating as a
sign of my unwavering support for a President Obama and, if moved, I encourage
you too ($5 – to whatever you feel appropriate).

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