Despite Spills and Tiffs, Family United, Doing “The Easter Harlem Shake”

Quarrels be gone! No matter what spills and tiffs may arise in the family, because they undoubtedly will, the walls will soon-enough come tumbling down. Love and forgiveness has always saved the day. My family—children and grandchildren and siblings and extended family members (and even the family dog looking on)—united after our Easter dinner—with bellies full, and some dressed in costume—to make this video, “The Easter Harlem Shake.”

Video is curtesy of Andrew-Jordan Thomas

It seems everyone wants to do The Easter Harlem Shake these days, so why not us too?

Therefore mi familia gathered for Easter dinner, a dinner of roasted prime rib, ultimate mashed potatoes and homemade au jus, and it was a happy success. Wunderlicious to be sure! Though you certainly would not have guessed it from the evident silence at the table, broken only by the occasional polite request, “Please pass the biscuits...” and, of course, the scraping sound of chairs being pushed away from the table because some went back for seconds and even thirds.

But before the video was “cut,” my youngest sister suggested we play an old family favorite game, Lift the Table. With everyone seated ‘round the table, a total of twelve people, we used index fingers, only, to lift the table, and then high it went.

The table, like magic, lifted light as a feather.

Everyone laughed at the absurdity that a heavy wooden table, still loaded with dinner plates and drinks, could so easily be lifted. We then decided to do the same with thumbs and then with pinkies with hilarious ease.

Everyone giggled and roared with laughter.

Then I suggested we try the game of Strength: males against females lifting a chair: bent at the waist, forehead flat against the wall, we each performed the great feat, of lifting the chair to the chest and then unbending to stand erect. Laughter became surround sound when the women proved to be stronger than the men. The men just couldn’t do it!

Of course there is a scientific reason for this; women are obviously built different than men.

But all this fun was yet not enough to call Easter over. So, the group, led by the oldest grandson, choreographed and performed the Harlem Shake dance, with silliness and gaiety in the background.

I hope everyone that celebrated Easter had as wonderful a time as we did.

We dream a life to be; we live to dream that life! (vka)


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