Destined for Disaster ??

Please pardon this is my first post ever on a blog just looking for advice and helpful tips.

I have been in a relationship for a little over 3 years now. In the beginning it was amazing always laughing, good times AMAZING sex life honestly couldn’t ask for better. About 6 months ago things started getting a little bit more shall I say boring with the sex life. Conversations went from always asking each other how are days are going to “Hey how are you” and “Let the dog out please” and that’s about that. My question is this relationship destined for disaster? Also is it bad that I am a very sexual person and I want to experiment but am scared he will not want to, I want the both of us to enjoy the exploration of our bodies but things are so awkward right now with us not sure if a good ole’ fashion rough sex will help losing the tension or what. At a loss hopefully someone can give some great insight or ideas.

Thanks - 


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