Hi I'm Donna, coming to you with ideas for home and decorating that will not only help you love the space you’re in, but will help keep those vintage pieces alive for many more years to come.  And for a bonus, it just might help you find that "Zen" within.... and we all need that from time to time...especially with lives full of stress, to-do lists, and never ending obligations.  So that is why I named this blog "destress 2 destress".

By way of introduction, I am a single mom of three and I also have a full time job in the management consulting business.  I have found that over the years the things that helped me "decompress and chill" after a stressful day at work just don't do it anymore - well really I don't have time to do them in the same way that I used to.  However, by happenstance, a new way found me.  It crept up unknown to me, unplanned, and actually unaccepting.  After all, I had no time to re-do furniture, but I did have time to buy it new and then complain about how it looked in my house. 

It was then, after I moved from Alexandria, VA to Leesburg, VA and found these wonderful little shops and barns of used furniture, many of whom were painted or distressed already, did it start to enter my blood.  It started small, with a table here, a picture frame there, then my girls matching twin beds.... but one day in the mist of this transformation and re-birth of my artistic side I saw 'them'.... they grabbed my attention.  Demanding I take notice!  Why me I asked?  I don't want someone else’s "problem" - you know the broken seat spring, the saggy seats, and years of 'other' people sitting in that seat.  I certainly could not invite them into my house! No I could not.  Oh but I did.  So my first blog will be about those chairs that captured my attention and have, in many ways, saved me.


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