Detective Kayla at Work/Update on my Father

Today is a slow news day, my friends.
Here's how my papa is doing.

He had blood work and the tests done, and tomorrow he goes in for an angiogram -- he'll be getting dye injected into his blood stream and then they'll see if there are any blockages. He gets his stitches out tomorrow too. And if all goes well from the tests, his results are OK, he gets to go back to work on Tuesday.

My parents have just informed me that I am getting a parcel in the mail. They started off this surprise parcel by asking me this via text (yes, my parents are technologically inclined! I have no escape):

What size coat do U wear?
>>Large because I can wear sweaters under it. Why? I already have a coat, you got me one for Christmas
Its a surprise
>>But I already have a coat.
It's not a coat.

Apparently I'll get it on Friday, Monday at the latest. There are some Christmas gifts that arrived at my parents' house late so they're sending those off to Danny and I too, but this "not a coat" gift is supposed to be considered an "early birthday present," but it's OK if I don't like it or there's something wrong with it and I can send it back. So it's obviously nothing special.

What is it?!?!

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