OK, it's been awhile, I guess I became frustrated with the lack of responses, and for some reason my system would act up when on this site (slow typing & buffering).

At any rate.... I'm back... Determined to just WRITE... EXpress myself which is what I love to do.  So....DETERMINED.

OK, so for the last month or so...I was determined to start a weight loss plan.  I'd watched plenty of programs on TV on how to just get started.... Moving!

I programmed an alert in my phone to remind me to get my 30min a day in. I was so excited I had some exercises that I could do ... Yet.....Only My fingers get a great workout each day; turning off the alert. "Dismiss"


Remember that one commercial... How do you spell #relief? 

Well, how in the heck do you spell ... #motivation, #getmoving, #determination

LOL, Well, maybe tomorrow. 


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