Detox: Accelerating the change. and Why is Detoxing so important!!

          As you all well know I love Hungry For Change. Those people are  amazing and brillant! So after I read the book and watched the movie I decided to share the information I learned with my family, friends and anyone else willing to listen.  I am now on a mission just as the creators of Hungry For Change and Food Matters are to teach people about eating right, and loving yourself. 

           So I first want to share what I learned about detoxing and why it's important!!   This article was orginally written by Hungry for change. But I am going to summerize what I have learned and share it with you!


          First lets find out why detoxing your body is so important? 


       You have to understand that the body only wants to take care of you. It wants to  get rid of all of these chemicals in your system.  When your not feeling well. "it's your body crying to heal."  says Jason Vale. "That's all it wants to do.  It wants to naturally detoxify. Only the body can detoxify itself, provided the chance to do so."  He is brillant and right in every way!! Give your body a chance to heal and it will.


      In this modern day our bodies are exposed to so many toxins a day that our bodies can not keep up.   When toxicity in your body increases, our detox system should be allowed to kick in.  But it can't, because our bodies are overwhelmed. Our bodies can not evolve  fast enough to process our modern diet. If we as  a people don't change the way we eat our bodies are going to eventually shut down and die; according Dr. Junger.    


           The process of detoxification occurs in two steps. In step one, the liver neutralizes toxins, then expels them into the bile, which the body will later excrete through urine and sweat. And in step two, we require plenty of nutrients to rebuild healthy cells and allow our organs to function optimally.


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         What is Cleansing and Detoxification??

      Cleansing is turning up the intesity and effectiveness ont the detoxifcation system. Cleansing and detoxification are becoming more popular today, but it is not new to humans. Every ancient health care system involves some type of cleansing and detox program.


      It is important to distinguish between a detox program (a cleanse) and the generalized practice of slowly "cleaning up our act" by making gradual diet of lifestyle changes over several months. I personally did this myself and it's amazing the results you get with taking care of your body they way it wants you too. Cleansing a more intense detox program, it has a begin and end date and a specific purpose. These  kinds of detoxification prgrams have also long been valued as a chance for the mind to come back to a peaceful center. It's even practiced in the bible; Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights, Muhammad, Gandhi, and Buddha all fasted. It is good to cleanse but it you are not ready to cleanse just yet. The easiest and best way to start detoxing your body  is by "crowding out the bad food , with good nutritious food." said Jason Vale. Eventually your body will start to heal it's self and  you will start to feel good inside and out.  I hope this blog was helpful. I love Hungry For Change ~ Follow me at beautyinfood on facebook, and @thebeautyinfood on twitter 



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