Diagnoses of ADHD up 66% - What you can do for your child

Here's the study that says ADHD diagnoses have risen 66%:


Why? There are lots of theories. 

In this study, one professor says it's because of an increased awareness of ADHD, which causes more doctors to recognize the symptoms and diagnose it.

I think there's also a push from the drug companies who make stimulant meds.

And also too much food dye (and sugar and other additives) and chemical exposure (to fetus, parents and children). I can tell you first hand that certain food dyes shoot my 6-year-old through the roof!

But here's what's really scary: "Psychostimulants were used in 96% of treatments in 2000." (Down to 87% in 2010) Why aren't these parents trying brain training? One-on-one, intensive brain training can strengthen the three types of attention (working, short-term and long-term) and get kids/teens off stimulant meds for good. Brain training isn't a "quick fix" or a short-term solution. It's a way of rewiring your child's brain to think better and faster. It's a way of treating the ROOT CAUSE, not treating the symptoms. Plus, it's got no negative side effects. I dare you to say that about stimulant meds!

Here's an example of a kid who went through a brain training program for ADHD:



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