Diary of a housewife in Japan (❁´ ︶ `❁)*✲゚*

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Hello! (*Ü*)ノ"

Thanks for reading my blog.

I am a 25 year old housewife from Tokyo in Japan.

I've studied at an university in the UK for 10 months, and yet still can't speak English. 

My English is not that good, but please excuse my mistakes.

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Today, i'm blogging about my short trip to Mt. Takao on last Monday.

Recently,  hiking has become very popular for all ages here in Japan.

Mt. Takao is particularly popular because it's one of the best mountains in Japan for beginners,

and we can enjoy nature near the central city in Tokyo.

Mii, a high school friend of mine, and i met at the base station at 11am.


 This is a display of "Tengu"face for children to take photos with it. @station




 There is a temple called "Yakuohin", which was established 1200 years ago.

 We visit there and made wishes for family's and friends' continuing good health. 




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