Diary of a Mad Accountant Wannabe

Secretly, I feel I should have been an accountant. But I sought a degree in the arts because I felt that my diploma should have B.A. instead of the more appropriate B.S.


Appearance was everything.


I was self employed after college for much of my adult life.  I learned to keep copious notes of expenditures and tax write-offs in neat journal ledgers while using my carefully sharpened #2 pencil.


My taxes were a work of art.


After I married my computer savvy husband, he spent the first few years of our marriage selling me on the benefits of on-line record keeping and accounting for our little growing family.


Since I played the banker in our Monopoly game of life.


I fought him tooth and nail, but at long last I succumbed to Quicken and online banking, and I haven't looked back.


If you play the banker in your family, what method of record keeping do you find most helpful?  


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