Did I mention its a zoo around here?

Wow!! Day two and I am back. I can hardly believe it. So I am getting familiar with using this thing. I mean, I never did the tags or codes and that stuff....I do love blinkies though. I would like to add them to this so I have to figure that one out. Woke up this morning and my pool is officially green....very green. I have taken care of it all summer and the water was always sparkling crystal clear and swimmable. The girls will be heading back to school so I figure when the rain stops and I know that I have a few days to drain ,clean and dry this thing then I can get it put away for the season. Ugh, Autumn is approaching and I am not ready. My DH loves fall. I love the heat!! Summer is a great time!!

Up at 7am to get Victoria off to basketball try outs. She wants this bad. The girl is a straight A student and works so very hard to accomplish the goals she sets for herself. I am so proud of the young lady she is becoming. When she walked out today I was hoping to hear that the coach had made the cuts and that would be it. I know she will make it. But the waiting is harder on me than her. Soooooo Tuesday is the day.

Her younger sisters Addison and Riley also love to play basketball. I dont push them to do any certain thing. I want them to find what they are good at and commit to something. If they choose to try a sport, instrument, cheering, whatever...then they have to finish it out. Addison is going to learn how to play the violin this year. She loves music, they all do and I would love to see one of them do well with an instrument. Riley wants to play soccer, bball, football, and cheer...Ahhh the mind of a 6 year old. Who does all the runnin?? Oh yes that would be me. I do not mind however that is where the insanity fits in from time to time. We also have a girl scout troop which I took over last year.
My oldest daughter Brittany is 19. She lives with her BF and we get along much better that way. She didnt seem to get the please clean up after yourself concept, curfew, yes even at 19 because you are living under my roof and we sleep at night not all day. Anyway I told her that if she couldnt follow that rules then she needed to find a place where she could have it her way...of course she still struggles with that but the BFs mom and dad have her doing chores how do they rate? Not a battle I choose to fight. You must choose battles carfully for they do win most times. So I leave the little things to them and I am always there for the big stuff. Ya know "she poked me in the eye" "Mom!! She called me a loser" "I hate you" blah blah blah.. But without them life really has no purpose. Gotta love girls.....
Dinner time was breakfast.............bacon eggs hash browns toast...Riley had a really hard time with that. She didnt understand why we were eating breakfast right before the moon made its appearance. I cant believe I have never had that meal in 6 years. for dinner....
We have a black lab....his name is Demon however he is the biggest baby in the world never barks and loves his family. Victoria slept over at my parents the other night and he went upstairs on her bed and stayed all night. He missed her. Going back to school will be hard on him. He loves having them here. Milo and Ally are the cats. Milo is 1 year and 3 months and Ally is 9 weeks old. Milos niece actually. Although I though in the beginning that Milo wanted to kill her. She growled like a dog (dont know where she learned that at...my dog just smiles). Its calm on the homefront after 3 weeks. WELL.....now that I have rambled I must go. There will be less rambling as I learn to slow down and add structure to my posts.
I dont get out much and have no real person to talk to really.....Good Night!!!!



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