Did I Waste My College Degree by Becoming a Mom?

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I have a bachelors of science in Information and Computer Science from UC Irvine. I don't work in that field now. In fact, I had only worked in it for about 8 years when I transitioned to pursue my music. Since childhood, there was nothing I wanted to do more than music, but I didn't think that a music degree would help me much in pop. Besides, I wanted to be a good Asian daughter to my parents, so I got a very practical degree despite the fact that computers was never my passion.


It just took motherhood to realize that I had majored in the wrong field.

Today, I'm a full time mom with a part-time job in music. I try to perform as often as I can, but a great majority of my time is devoted to being a mom and a housewife. I have to turn down possible bookings if they interfere with my kids' schedules, and I have to think long and hard about traveling for my work (which I'm doing this later this week and about which I will surely blog). So, does this mean that I totally wasted my college education and degree?

Well, maybe...

Being a mom requires a huge variety of skills. Never before did I wish so much that I had been a Child Development major. I rarely paid attention to babies and children before I became a mom; I was too busy being a Professional. My friends who studied Child Psychology and Early Childhood Education had it so much easier than I did as a new mom. I was practically in tears each night trying to figure out how to put a crying baby down or, later, how to handle a tantrum-throwing toddler. I was never so tortured by such a tiny human being.

When the kids started reading, I wished that I had studied Literature so I could do a better job introducing our kids to the literary world. For a long time while we had babies and toddlers, all I ever read were People magazines and the backs of cereal boxes. Not exactly the Classics. (For the record, I am now a voracious reader of real books!)

Once the kids were eating solids and beyond, I wished that I had studied Culinary Arts or Nutrition. I was making terrible meals which, I'm sure, will continue to haunt me as I my kids march down the road to bad nutritional health.

I have also often wished that I had become a nurse, because there were so many health issues to deal with when kids are young. Fortunately, we did have one member of our family in the medical field, so I felt a little better here.

But the aforementioned member of the family in the medical field works long hours, so I was the one who often played catch in the front yard with our son. He also needed to try basketball and baseball at one point, but I knew nothing about these sports. How I wished that I had majored in Physical Science and Sports Psychology! As the kids got older and I felt the need to keep them (or at least get them) into shape, I wished that I knew more about Fitness Education.


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