Did Wall-Es message hit a wall?

I finally saw Wall E - loved it. The animation alone was worth the ticket to the big screen, and the love story softened the bigger message that we're trashing out the world. My question is, did it soften the message too much? If you saw Wall-E were you re-engaged to change your buying habits or not? Are you looking at what you do buy differently? Do you want less packaging or more durable products or less toxic ones? Are you simplifying your life and making due with less? Or, do you believe that no matter what you do the problem is too big?

As my friends know, I'm a fanatic about sustainable products, but I've been losing steam. Wall E re-engaged me. It was the combo of the movie and the mall. One step out of the theater and back into a mall-o-things reinforced that the solution to the problem has to start at a higher level - long before a consumer is asked to make choices. That's the level I work on each day, getting the SMaRT Sustainable Prodouct Standard into manufacturing.

I bow to Kristy and all who helped to make BlogHer 2008 Green. Last month I had to organize an organic, recycled, eco-event at a LEED certified building in Beverly Hills. It was a training for Sustainable Product Standards. We wanted to walk the walk, but dang it was really hard to do; you try locating an organic caterer, resonably priced organic beer and wine and find FSC certified recycled paper products or "potato" plates in Orange County. I cleaned out every Ralph's store of their ONE brand of organic beer to have enough. The one trip to the Paper Party Store turned up nothing green. In fact they had a petition to STOP the Mylar Balloon ban bill. How does that business go green when Mylar balloons are a big part of party and profits?

Which brings me back to my walk around the mall after seeing Wall-E. The green heart may be willing, but until the products are everywhere we aren't going to have sustainable change and prevent a Wall E world. What do you think? What do you need to have happen before you change your ways?


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