Did You Know It is Not Enough To Be Good?

Coming from my then 8 year old son, my first instinctive reaction was to smile, but I stopped myself just in time and looked curious. After all, it was a moment of revelation for him and who was I to rain on his parade?

He: “Did you know it is not enough to be good, Mummy?”

Me: “Really? Why do you say that?”

He: “But did you know?”

Me: “No!”

He: *smiling with that sense of I am-about-to-tell-you-a-life-truth look* “Yes. It is true. We have to be good. But we also have to be smart and clever. Only then we can survive”

Me: *Thinking, Survive? Now where did he hear that?* “Who told you this?”

He: *pulling himself up to his full four feet. Yes, my boy was tall* “My teacher”

Me: *Thinking, ha, then it is official!* “She is absolutely right, you know.”

He: *Pondering* “Mummy, what is survive?”

Me: *Smiling and feeling rather clever* “Survive is….look in the dictionary first. Then ask me”

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