Didier Grossemy - Are you talking to mums?

Didier Grossemy says; Are you talking to mum? 

Didier Grossemy says. Some of the major
brands have educated children to their products from the very young
age, and I don’t think I need to give you any examples of those brands.

They know very well that parents will have
no choice but to comply with their wants and later the same children
becoming parents will do exactly the same. Yeah! Very smart and we all
fall for it.

Today the digital age is not any longer just
driven from children looking at games or business people searching the
next opportunity but from mums around the world.

Time poor, they are the prime consumers on
the internet, as we know mums are “Jack of all trade”; taking the
children to schools, buying and preparing food, going to work, looking
after her hubby, clothe ironing, cleaning and … should I go any further
to say that women these days are overly busy. So this brings me to what
I have preached for fifteen years, the Internet not only save you money
and save the trees but revolutionise your time management.

According to the “Moms In Business Network”
mums purchasing power accounts for nearly $1.6 trillion in annual
spending and is equal to Great Britain’s 2007 total purchasing power.
“EMarketer” forecasts that moms will account for 39.6 million of the
online audience by 2012. Further, women make 80 percent of the
household purchases and commonly buy for three or more people. With
this much influence over consumer purchases, the ability to effectively
market to and harness this purchasing segment has a huge impact on
brands’ bottom line.

Brands must take a step forward in creativity to engage with this already dominant market.

So what sort of creativity is required to engage?

I believe that the most important is to
create a platform that opens conversation. If you are a manufacturer of
nappies, you may want to create a “Baby Club” that will have some great
subjects to help busy mums and allowing them to share their own
problems while in the same time you may want to add a shopping cart so
busy mums can purchase the products of the same companies while
enjoying a conversation with new found friends.

Like in real life people engage at the Café
by exchanging conversation around a drink. You must create a social
environment that triggers the input of the viewers and in term bring
more people to the brand through smart referral functionalities.

Brand association, social marketing and e-commerce functionalities are a powerful mix for busy mums.

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