Is Diet Soda Harmful for Arthritis?

Diet Soda Harmful for Arthritis

Many people use diet soda as an excuse to continue to consume other unhealthy things. However, there are many health dangers associated with this sweet drink. Not only does its artificial sweeteners encourage weight gain, but connections have been made between arthritis and soda. .Research into the connection divulged that women who drink one or more sodas each day are 71% more likely to contract rheumatoid arthritis. Diet soda puts excessive strain on many parts of the body, including vital organs. Mostly due to its high levels of mold inhibitors, such as sodium benzoate, it is capable of harming the body, especially in those suffering from arthritis.
But Everyone Drinks It..
As my mother always said, "If everyone was jumping from a cliff, would you do it?" At this rate, over 50 million Americas are diagnosed with Arthritis, which puts it at the number one cause of disabilities in the U.S. According to various health journals, many foods have been found to increase the likelihood of developing an arthritic disease. One of the most dangerous things about diet soda is the aspartame, which is the artificial sweetener used in many fruit drinks and diet sodas. It's unique, and broken down into three basic parts: aspartic acid, phenylalanine and methanol. While health professionals validate that it contributes to obesity in children, little evidence displays its true nature. However, you can find numerous stories about the destruction it can cause on the body.

There are many side effects to aspartame, such as headaches or migraines, confusion or memory loss, an increased risk of infection, high blood pressure, weight gain, seizures and a numbness in your arms and legs. Many of these are easily connected to various arthritic and chronic conditions, such as Fibromyalgia, Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. However, many today still believe it to be better for you than natural sugars.


What Are The Risks?
Studies are still being done to connect the risks and harms that one can do to themselves. However, with some prior knowledge, one can deduce what true risks are there. For instance, diet soda promotes weight gain. The average American consumes at least 828 sodas every year. Many might go through a fast food line, order a big, greasy burger and large fries and top it all off with a diet coke. In spite of what many believe, diet sodas do not negate the need for a good diet and exercise. Those suffering from arthritis will notice that, as they drink diet sodas, they gain weight. As they gain weight, the joint pain and inflammation worsens by the day. The sweetness in diet soda eventually will break down your alkaline minerals, such as calcium and potassium, leading to various arthritic conditions. In the long run, there are many health disasters associated with diet sodas, and many of them can interconnect through symptoms, and cause and effect.

Diet soda also affects your kidneys ability to function, due to the high levels of acidic qualities in the soda. This huge strain can have a harsh effect on your body, including further irritating your joints. As arthritis is an autoimmune disease, you might have even more trouble fighting off infections, which can be very dangerous. You will be more prone to that, as well as illnesses and other diseases.

Diet Soda

What Is A Better Option?
There are many delicious, healthy options as opposed to diet soda. Of course, the very best option is water! It is the best thing for you, especially if you suffer from arthritis symptoms. Dehydration is often a big contributor to chronic pain in the joints and lower back. It also offers many health benefits, as it can help ease pain from numerous conditions! Sometimes, even when you are sick, all you need is a nice glass of water. Green tea is another fantastic option, as it is full of antioxidants to help take care of health conditions. It is calorie free, with no artificial sweeteners. Green is also perhaps one of the most relaxing teas. If you are in the mood for fruit juice, make your own! There are many great recipes online for deliciously good for you drinks. For instance, citrus aide. It is made from 6 ingredients: water, organic honey, fresh lemon juice, fresh orange juice, fresh lime juice and club soda.

Diet soda is just as bad for you as regular soda. In the long run, it merely promotes obesity and encourages many to ignore the reality of diet and exercise. In order to take care of yourself, make sure to exercise regularly, eat a good diet and ditch the diet drinks! The best drinks are good for you, and will taste even better than those sugary acidic beverages.