Difference Works

Just finished reading a great new book: "Difference Works" by Caroline Turner a business consultant and author of Difference Works: Improving Retention, Productivity and Profitability through Inclusion.

Great read!


"Although women have made much progress in reaching the leadership levels of business, the progress is disappointing—and stalled. To achieve gender diversity at all levels of business, leaders must be aware of why women leave and what they bring to the table. And they must bring to conscious awareness factors that are otherwise obstacles for women."

"The business case for gender diversity in leadership is compelling. Companies with a balance of men and women leaders do better on key financial measures. They tap into the huge women’s market. They attract the best talent from the gender-diverse talent pipeline. So, if it’s good for business, why don’t more businesses have gender diversity at the upper levels?"

Jody DeVere
AskPatty.com, Inc.