Differences Between Men and Women (What? There are differences?)

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Why yes there are!  Especially in this household.  The differences are often not plain to see – but sometimes, every once in a while, there they are glaring back at you.  This week was a week where differences came through for us.  I think it was amplified by the fact that we were in the same space a lot of the time (which we *NEWS FLASH* aren’t always!  Gasp!)

I’ve already laid out in detail how my hubby is a perfectionist.  This is a great asset to have.  I am not one.  I can’t think like a perfectionist, and no matter how hard I’ve tried, I can’t be a perfectionist.  I go around the house and clean, he goes around and makes it better.  It works pretty good for us.

My hubby is claustrophobic.  I am not.  He hates being caught in teeny spaces, hates being head-locked, and hates that moment when his head gets caught in a turtleneck sweater before it pops through.  This is the reason why I cannot for the life of me understand one of our main differences.  I wake up in the morning and throw open the curtains to greet the day! (And I’m not even a morning person!)  I open Poppet’s curtains and point out the flowers in her window.  I go downstairs and open the blinds in the living room and kitchen.  I open the front door and latch the storm door.  Hubby………well, if I blink I walk back into a deep, dark, cave of a living room with all the lights off, the front door shut, and the kitchen blinds returned to their state of repose.  I don’t know how he does it so fast, but there I am, in darkness again!  He calls it privacy.  I call it seclusion.  I thought he was claustrophobic?  It’s not like we live in a large place full of open concept spaces.  I find it gloomy, he finds it cozy.

Another area of difference that jumped out, this week in particular, is the way we get sick.  I got sick first.  I had to take care of Poppet and there were no breaks.  Hubby came home.  He (thankfully) took Poppet to the store and gave me a break.  But then he continued to give me a break, and continued, and continued.  When he got food poisoning later in the week I understood.

When a woman gets sick:

1.  We want companionship – There’s something to that saying that misery loves company.  Pretty sure it was made by a woman left to be sick on her own.

2.  We want pampering – Not suffocating, but we want to not have to think about one extra thing other than getting well.

3.  We want entertainment – We are on the go all the time.  Getting sick and having to stay put can be awfully boring.

4.  We want peace – We don’t want to have a debate on the latest price of gas, or the speed traps, or the graffiti around town.  We just want calm.

When a man gets sick:  (this is just my observations, probably not at all accurate, but just what I can figure)

1.  He wants to go to bed and sleep.

2.  He doesn’t want to be smothered, he just wants to sleep.

3.  He doesn’t want to watch TV, listen to music, or talk about the kids…..he’s busy sleeping.

4.  He doesn’t want peace, he has peace (see #3)

Personally, I think a sick woman is probably a lot more fun to be around since she still wants to be around you!  A man seems to go into hibernation and wake up at the end of it all fully alert and well.  Me, I pull out the DVD’s, cozy up under the sheets, and settle in for the long haul.  Hey, I might even come with alcohol in the form of a hot toddy or two.  Come on – isn’t that inviting?

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