Differences Between Online and Offline Negotiation Tactics

Negotiation skills are essential if you want to achieve success in both your career and personal life. We negotiate in board rooms, banks, chain stores, and at home. You may be involved in a negotiation without realizing it because it is not in a formal setting. Good negotiation skills give you an edge over other people and they make it easy for you to get your way, and these skills and tactics can be improved upon. It is important to master online and offline negotiation. There is a difference between these two forms of negotiation; but they both allow you to attain your objectives.

Online Negotiation

Online negotiation takes place through instant messaging or email. There is no face-to-face interaction. This makes it difficult to gauge someone’s reaction to the issue under discussion. You can also negotiate through video chat or Skype calls, which can be compared to offline negotiation; but the other person is in a different location.

Online negotiations allow you to take time to think about your response, which can give you more power, this you will be more effective. You can also carry out some research before you reply. This may be an advantage if you prefer to take a strategic approach towards issues. The secret to successful online negotiations is to ensure you send clear messages to the other person. Give conclusive answers to all questions. Read the message or email that you have typed to make sure it communicates the message you want to pass on. The other party should not be forced to interpret the messages you send.

It is important to note that some people feel fearless when they are communicating online. This means that they may highlight issues they would be afraid to address in person. If the negotiation seems to be getting out of hand; end it in a respectful manner. Avoid getting into arguments; even when you do not seem to get your message across. You should be patient and calm and trust that the situation will work out for the best. A single negotiation might not be enough to seal the deal. The person you are negotiating with could come in handy in future.

Offline Negotiations

This kind of negotiation takes place in person. You are in a better position to pick up on the other party’s body language and gestures. This can act as a guide when you are coming up with responses. Body language and gestures make it easy to know how someone really feels about a particular issue.

Offline negotiation requires proper preparation. You have to be presentable when you turn up for a negotiation. Dress smartly to suit the setting. However, this is not an opportunity to go overboard with your makeup and clothing.

Demonstrate your confidence by making eye contact during the negotiation. Some people find it difficult to make eye contact but it is necessary if you want the other party to know that you are at their level.

Creativity is very important during offline negotiations. You have to come up with unique ideas that will make the other person see things you way. However, you also need to remember that the agreement you make has to be mutually beneficial.

It does not make a big difference is you choose to negotiate online or offline as long as you ensure that your message is clear and you remain calm through the entire process. Respect the other persona and reach a compromise if you cannot have your way.


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