A Difficult Question

A fellow Fibro-mite recently asked a question that had me thinking about the answer for a LONG time. She asked "If you could choose to live pain free for the rest of your life or find your true love/soulmate which would you choose?" Well... this seems like a very easy question to answer, right? I bet you all know what answer I would pick, right? 

So... who thinks I answered this question saying I'd want to live pain free for the rest of my life?!?

Well... those of you that thought that are....WRONG!

What?!? Am I CRAZY?!? No I'm not, and I'll tell you why, and then you can tell me what your answer would be.

Yes. Fibromyalgia is a pain in the you-know-where! Well...actually EVERYWHERE! Some days it is hard to move & be a functional part of society. Sometimes the Fibro Fog is so overwhelming & I have to stop & laugh at myself for being a ditz & so absent-minded. I have learned to live with Fibromyalgia. Some days are huge struggles, but not EVERY day! I have really begun to appreciate the GOOD days that I have! 

Before I had Fibromyalgia I was a very busy (yes..busier than I am now) and over-extended person. I never said "no" to anyone or anything. I was always there. I was always involved. I ran around like a crazy woman all the time with my hands into many different projects, business ventures, causes, etc... One thing that having Fibromyalgia has taught me is to SLOW DOWN! I need to cut out the things that don't mean as much to me. That does not only mean projects... that also means people. I cut out some of the toxic people in my life. The ones who are Debbie-Downers, the ones who suck the life out of you, the ones who always cause drama & only think of theirselves! I learned to focus my time & energy only on things that mattered.

I also learned to really listen to what my body was telling me. If I had something scheduled with someone, but I felt a flare trying to come on, I would cancel the plans & explain why I was having to back out. If the person was not understanding then they are obviously not the kind of people I needed in my life. 

Yes. Pain sucks! Fibromyalgia sucks! But, I am not going to let this Fibro-monster rule my life & make me a victim! I like to kick my Fibromyalgia in the butt & show it who is boss! My Fibro is always there. I can always feel it. It never goes away. I have learned to live with constant pain. It is part of my life now. I've had to modify my life quite a bit in order to make room for Fibromyalgia to be in my life. It was so tough at first, but I really am getting the hang of dealing with it. And I know my body so well know that I know my limits...and that is VERY important.

So..just where am I going with this? The question at the beginning of this post should have been easy to answer, right? Not really. Here is the rest of my explanation.

Like all diseases, having a good support system can help even more than any kind of medicine. I know this for a FACT! I realized that I was in a very one-sided relationship & my pain was constant & high all the time. I basically had my entire life ripped out from under my feet. The difficult job hunt definitely took it's toll on my health. But, now I have a good job. I am also dating a man who is very supportive & who is just amazing to me in all ways. Just being around him makes me so happy & it helps to lessen the pain. Sometimes I even forget about my pain for the moment. Stress & bad relationships make a HUGE impact on Fibromyalgia! 

So... my answer to that question at the beginning of this post is that I would rather have my true love/soulmate for the rest of my life. I think that I found him too, and I have since found my pain much easier to deal with. I have been medication free & managing my Fibromyalgia using all-natural methods since 2009. I feel amazing! Love & support can be very healing. Never forget that! 


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