Digital Journals of the Garden Variety

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Artist Traci Bautista has spent the past few years traveling the globe to teach her mixed media collage workshops. But when 2011 rolled around, she decided to really venture out of her comfort zone and... stay put. She's currently working on a new book and sharing her online art classes.She says the lifestyle change recharged her creative spirit, not only in her art studio, but in her outdoor garden as well.

It was only a matter of time before she combined her love of gardening, art, and technology into a digital journal. Here's how she did it: She snapped pictures of her  flowers, uploaded them to her laptop and used a craft tablet to doodle on the images. She saved the photos and now she can send them as e-cards or print them off to use in her handmade journals.

The takeaway here is to look beyond your normal art supplies. Explore other areas of your house or daily routine, take pictures, and push yourself to come up with your own creative ways to jumpstart your art!

From Traci:

"blossoming morning ritual

reflecting on my upcoming day, a cup of tea is part of my morning ritual while I write my to-do list, answer email. it's my quiet time. of my morning rituals. This is a photo of one of my favorite teas..Blossoming Chrysanthemum."


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