Digital Kid Syndrome: Are Your Kids Couch Potatoes?

I dream about a world--or maybe just a weekend--without a Wii, Xbox, or iPod. My kids would talk to me and other real people in real time. Their eyes would enjoy looking at real things like books, bicycles, broccoli, and basketball courts. Their arms and legs would move with real things like the vacuum cleaner!

Okay, it's just a dream. But what if you could convince your kids to step away from their digital worlds and go outside. Taking a class with their friends or with siblings is one way to develop new hobbies and talents that can last a lifetime. Imagine a teen who makes dinner. Or an 8-year-old who creates all your greeting cards. According to the clever editors at you have many wonderful choices including these ideas:

In my personal experience, some affordable (and even free) classes that last a day or an afternoon can be great fun too. Here are some to try:

  • Horseback riding lessons (More affordable lessons might be offered to a group such as Girl Scouts, etc.)
  • Writing or journaling classes (Some classes are offered for free at the library)
  • Tennis lessons
  • Golf Lessons 
  • Scuba diving lessons
  • Pottery or ceramics classes
  • Mommy and kids craft classes at your library 
  • Or create a co-op with your friends. Each mom (or dad) can sign up to teach a class in a hobby they enjoy

 --Chris writes the blog Momathon Blog.

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