A Dining Room Chalkboard

1 11 pm207 1024x722 A Dining Room Chalkboard

When I posted my Fall Centerpiece  I had a couple of inquiries about the chalkboard in the background.  This is a project I have wanted to do for a very long time but finding the perfect piece was a little difficult. I searched the goodwill shops for months to no avail. Originally I was looking for something oval with a fancy frame but had no luck. One day I went into Goodwill I spotted this mulit-functional board made up of a white board, bulletin board and note/envelope holder. It was $5.99!

1 pm008 1024x864 A Dining Room Chalkboard

I couldn’t pass it up, it was the perfect size and I was okay with the clean straight lines.

1 pm010 537x1024 A Dining Room Chalkboard

I took the backing off and removed the white board, bulletin board and fabric center. I spray painted the frame with white Rustoleum spray paint in a matte finish and I painted the backboard with chalkboard paint.

1 pm207 1024x722 A Dining Room Chalkboard

Since the backboard was already black, a couple coats of chalkboard paint did the trick.

1 pm206 682x1024 A Dining Room Chalkboard

I rubbed over the now dry freshly painted chalkboard with white chalk and then wiped it off with a paper towel but  I didn’t wipe it off entirely, I like that school chalkboard look.

1 pm205 1024x872 A Dining Room Chalkboard

I wish I was more of an artist, but this is the best I could write!

Well, all I had to work with was sidewalk chalk too!!

1 pm156 682x1024 A Dining Room Chalkboard

I really like the two strips of wood creating dividers on the chalkboard, gives it character and lends it to be used for different things.

1 pm153 1024x682 A Dining Room Chalkboard

Our dining area is a part of our kitchen so you can see this very easily in the kitchen. If I could only come up with meals for every day of the week I’d be all set, this menu has been up for 3 weeks now -ha, ha!

1 pm152 682x1024 A Dining Room Chalkboard

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