Dinner On the Cheap........Pork Adobo with Rice

This adobo is a Philippino version, it is great in the crockpot but can be done in the oven.  My kids go crazy for this and it only has a few ingredients.  It is a really tasty dish, if you prefer chicken it can be easily substituted.


1 pork roast, sized to fit your family. I usually use a 3-4 loin roast, I buy a four pack from Costco.

2T olive oil

32 oz chicken stock

1 c. soy sauce

1 c. cider vinegar

3 bay leaves

2 cloves of peeled garlic

1 can coconut milk (not sweetened and not milk substitute.  It usually comes in a can in the asian section of the store).



In a large fry or saute pan quickly brown each side of the roast in 2T olive oil. Put in crockpot or dutch oven, add all ingredients with the exception of coconut milk, flour and rice.  Set crockpot on high (or oven at 375*, check liquid after 2 hours,more chicken stock my need to be added).  When pork starts to fall apart or can easily be shredded turn to low, usually at the 5 hour mark.  Prepare rice.  While rice is cooking shred any large pieces of pork, add cocunut milk to crockpot, mix a bit of the milk with the flour to make a paste and add to Adobo to thicken.  Serve Adobo over the rice.  Should be a gravy or stew like thickness.



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