Dip Into Some Cheese Fondue for New Year's Eve

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In that interesting way where everything that's old becomes new again, fondue is back. In major cities across the U.S., fondue restaurants are trendy, and fondue pots are plentiful in the stores again. I'm old enough to remember fondue cooking the first time around, so I know this type of communal activity is perfect for parties. Most people love cheese, so I'm thinking cheese fondue is a perfect thing to serve for New Year's Eve.

Of course there are endless varieties of cheese. Although many different types work for fondue, there are a few cheese varieties that are traditional, with Swiss cheese varieties often preferred. What's being dipped into the cheese is also a matter of preference, although French bread is common with cheese. If you've never tried making fondue at home, no worries, food bloggers have got you covered.

Swiss Cheese Fondue

I spotted the ultimate post about A Proper Swiss Cheese Fondue at Just Hungry, where Maki writes from Switzerland about an elderly friend named Martha (now deceased) who used to make cheese fondue which Maki says is the best she's ever had. Fondue is a traditional Swiss dish, which Maki says is always the main dish at a meal in Switzerland, where fondue always means cheese fondue. More than a recipe, this post talks about equipment, types of cheese, and features step-by-step directions for how to make a proper Swiss cheese fondue that will leave your guests suitably impressed. (Maki's propoer Swiss Cheese fondue is pictured above.)

Another blog recommending cheese fondue for New Year's Eve is 101 Cookbooks, where Heidi shows an interesting assortment of foods ready to be dipped. Heidi also has a recipe for Chocolate Fondue, if you're still in the mood for something sweet.

Cheese Fondue Pot

You can learn more about how to make a successful cheese fondue at Simply Recipes, where Elise has the scoop from famous food scientist Harold McGee about why alcohol helps keep a cheese fondue smooth. There are also links at the end of this recipe for many more cheese fondue variations. (Elise's gorgeous fondue pot filled with cheese fondue is pictured above.)

The food blog Rosa's Yummy Yums is written from Switzerland, so you can be sure that Rosa's recipe for Swiss Fondue is going to be authentically Swiss. Rosa has some fondue tips in the remarks after the recipe, as well as a photo of a beautiful Swiss chalet where you'll wish you were sitting when you eat your own fondue.

Electric fondue pot with cheese fondue

Most recipes for cheese fondue start with the fondue being melted on the stove, but there's an electric fondue pot being used to keep the melted cheese hot in the recipe for Cheese Fondue at Cookie Baker Lynn, and Lynn also has a story about how she first tried Swiss Cheese fondue on a family trip to Switzerland. (Lynn's electric fondue pot is pictured above.)

More Cheese Fondue Ideas
~There's a beautiful and classic looking Cheese Fondue at TasteFood.
~Cheese Fondue in the Crockpot from A Year of Crockpotting is something even kids will eat.
~One for the Table has a Cider Cheese Fondue that includes apple cider or hard cider.
~Barefoot Kitchen Witch shares a cheese fondue recipe that she says is a favorite at her house.
~Slashfood declares "Cheese Fondue is Hip Again."
~TW at Retro Food says her Ham and Cheese Fondue is really more like a casserole with all the ingredients that go into fondue, but it does sound tasty.

Have you ever made Cheese Fondue? If so, please share your thoughts or a recipe link in the comments.

Kalyn Denny writes about food and at BlogHer.com and shares her passion for low-glycemic cooking at Kalyn's Kitchen. It's been quite *a few* years since Kalyn had cheese fondue, and on New Year's Eve she's probably going to be dipping into White Bean and Artichoke Dip.


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