Director Jill Soloway Talks Afternoon Delight: A Raw Look at Modern Motherhood and Women in Film

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Afternoon Delight -- which nabbed director Jill Soloway the honor of Best Director at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival -- is the kind of movie that you don't get to just watch and forget about on the ride home. Sympathetic, funny, and well acted, it gets under your skin and into your pores, and it makes you think about the big things in a way few stories do.

I'm not sure why I relate so directly to stay-at-home mom Rachel (played to perfection by Kathryn Hahn) -- who, sexually frustrated and bored with her only child now in preschool, attempts to fill her days by hiring newly sober stripper (actually, "full-service sex worker") McKenna, played by Juno Temple, as a live-in nanny. Maybe I connect with her because I'm also a mom living in Los Angeles. Maybe because I'm a woman who has been just as freaked out as Rachel. But her character totally resonated for me. When Rachel admitted to her shrink (the ever-hilarious Jane Lynch) that she was unable to get down on the floor and play with her young son, I found myself cringing with familiarity.

Afternoon Delight
Kathryn Hahn as Rachel and Juno Temple as McKenna in Afternoon Delight (Image courtesy of The Film Arcade)

This past weekend, I had a chance to sit down with Jill. Hot damn, this woman is smart. This is her first movie, but she's also had a seriously impressive career in TV with credits like Six Feet Under and United States of Tara under her belt. She's an outspoken feminist, so naturally I had to ask her about the realities of being a working female director in today's film industry. I especially love her minirant about male directors.

Watch the interview, complete with film clips, below:

Afternoon Delight opens in New York and Los Angeles today, August 30. Below are fliers for special events in each city. You can also find show times and opening dates in a theater near you on the Afternoon Delight Facebook Page.

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