Dirty 30: 5k Foam Fest

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Hey ya’ll! I am super happy to finally be able to write a post! I’m so sorry for the three week delay! (I had no clue or I would have warned ya first!)

So much to tell you – it’s going to be like that hour chat when you call your Aunt Rita once a year and you know you should call her once a week….so let’s get to it.

We officially bought our second home!

This has been a dream come true. I have been asking God for a new home for years – and I do mean years. We have searched houses for three years – put in offers at three – had three fall through…then finally, finally, everything just went perfectly. It’s not the 100 million dollar house with the double kitchen that I dreamed about, but it suites our needs perfectly. It has the quiet space I asked, the three bedrooms, the chicken farm next door (wait what?!) Yes! I can now officially get my own eggs! (Somehow this makes me very tickled inside because to me it’s a bonus!) A bigger kitchen, a better school district etc.  I am a very happy girl to say the least.

During the process, we are also renting our first home so it has also been three weeks filled of happy, stomach turning and down right gut wrenching moments but atlas, I’m happy to be back with you.

Second up – I turned 30! Woot! Woot!

It was a great day – I got to do whatever I wanted. :) Does it get better than that? It was actually pretty laid back and (although I hung out in the basement for a tornado warning) I appreciated the time with my family so it was exactly what the doctor ordered in a bizarre way. I’d also like to say for my 30th birthday my hubby bought me a house – which is kind of true. wink. wink. My mom came over that evening and spoiled me with dresses and jewelry, score!


I also celebrated in my favorite way – with a birthday race. Ms. Courtney and I got up extremely early and traveled to the outskirts of DC to participate in the 5k Foam Fest. That’s right! I got down and dirty for my 30! :)


It was my first mud/foam race. In my personal opinion, they should have called it a mud race but who am I to name races?

When we pulled up, it was empty. That was probably our first clue that something wasn’t right. Let’s not forget the title foam race okay? For whatever reason, I really got the impression that it was going to be a foam race with very few mud obstacles…clearly, I was wrong. We arrived an hour early to find nobody really there. It just wasn’t as packed as a running event would/should be so we jumped in the time slot of 8:30. No worries – nobody noticed….except for the other ten people, maybe.

Bubbles landed on our heads as we crossed through the starting line towards a muddy trail of turns until we got up to the first obstacle, a mud pit. I am not one to walk in mud, so I walked around. (Puts head down, don’t judge.) Then we continued on walking – until we got to a larger mud pit. Oh crap. I had to walk through. 

My first steps of walking into muddy water up to my knees was nerve wrecking to say the least. I could not embrace the beauty of mud by any means. Courtney reminded me that people use mud at spa’s and I was just getting beautified. It was squishy, hard to lift up my legs, heavy and down right yucky but I did it…begrudgingly.

We went on, walking the first fifteen minutes or so. There was really nothing there or to it.

The course turned into the woods and then we realized, we signed up for hiking.  Up and down large hills, around little mud pits along the way…you get the picture? Apparently when trail running, miles seems like eternity or at least it did to me. There was one rope obstacle where you pulled yourself up but again, there was really nothing to it… Just a few mud pits along the way.

Half way into it, we came across a BIG mud pit with tree logs stretched over. We had to walk in and go under or over the tree logs. There were probably five or six of them and it was a big deal. There was also a photographer there who may I add, did not get our photo. With all of this hard work, I would have really appreciated a photo, just saying. (There were very few runners around us!)


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