A Dirty Conservative Woman

I guess I am a dirty conservative woman.  I have stayed off of Blogher for much of the election season because I have been made to feel guilty or less of a woman for how I feel. It is a lonely place. But, I just watched Katie Couric with Brene Brown and they discussed being vulnerable and daring greatly.  So, I am going to be vulnerable.  Meaning, honest. This isn't a post to tell you I AM RIGHT.  Nope, this is just to tell you how I feel and actually, how ALONE I feel.  I have never felt so in the minority in my entire life.  It is not fun but you know what, I am not gonna change.  You guys can tell me I am an idiot, or a failure as a woman but oh, well, it is how I feel. I have been ridiculed on this site and Twitter.  This election President Obama has clearly created a war with women.  Women fight about parenting,about sex and now voting.  Goodness, we don't support each other well,do we?  Now, I am gonna DARE GREATLY.   What is that exactly?  I am gonna explain what I think about WOMEN ISSUES.  I am gonna put it out there into the universe, OH, goodness. Here it goes.

Abortion:  Personally, I think it is wrong.  I think a fetus is a baby.  I don't think we should ever over turn Roe vs. Wade. I do believe it is a personal decision. In addition, I think a woman should pay for her own abortion.  In my mind, It is an elective surgery.  Just like having a boob job. In my opinion no one forces you to have sex,therefore if you get pregnant and you choose to have an abortion then pay for it.  Your choice, your decision and you should pay for it.

Birth Control: I think women should definitley use birth control but once again,pay for it. No one is forcing you to have sex, once again, a personal choice and you are free to do it or not and you should pay for your birth control, why should someone else? 

Now, I don't want to be a hypocrite.  I do know that my insurance covered my healthcare when I had my children.  So this leads to an interesting debate, should having a child be the same as having an abortion?  Should an abortion be considered  woman's healthcare?  I guess this is where things become sticky.  Insurance pays when a woman is choosing life but doesn't pay when not choosing life? Is that right? If abortion is legal and considered a woman's healthcare procedure then shouldn't insurance cover it? Insurance, and/or National insurance? Which will use TAX dollars, which means 'we the people'! People who do not believe in abortion?  Now, it gets even stickier? 

In a way I see many womens' points but I guess we could just argue this.  Since we claim the fetus isn't a life then we don't pay anything until IT is here? Now that would be interesting,don't you think? I have no problem with that, what about you? I would have paid for all my prenatal doctor appointments because my kids matter to me. I would gladly have budgeted for my doctor appointments but then again that is my conservative belief.  I don't mind paying my way.  It is what I believe. For example,I don't have dental insurance so guess what? I pay my dentist visits all out of pocket and I still go every six months. Why? It is important to me. Therefore,I budget for my dentist.

Now,another thing I find interesting is how Pro Choice women will go on and on about a miscarriage. It baffles me?  Most miscarriages happen in the first trimester, typically considered the first 12 weeks of a pregnancy. Isn't it just a fetus, not viable, not really a human being? So, why when you WANT the fetus it all of a sudden becomes a baby and if you miscarriage it is devastating? How do you reconcile your belief system? Is it really nothing, just a fetus when you are pro choice and all for an abortion? But, then it is a baby when you are pregnant and gaga goo and want the child? Oh, And, by golly you are all into ultrasounds and sonograms and all that shit,framing them and showing anybody and everyybody them, so weird? I am so sorry, I get so confused?

Listen,I believe in Equal Pay. I believe in Equal insurance. I believe in Equal Education.

But, overall I am one of those conservatives that believes in personal responsiblity, which means, I don't want the government telling me what to do with my body but I don't expect the government to pay for my shit either.  So, I am willing to  buy my birth control pills, or IUD, or pay for my abortion and I guess if women want to start saying that abortions and pregnancies are the same then we should pay for our pregnancies too and I guess hysterectomies and so on. But, the catch twenty two is if I don't want the GOVERNMENT controlling my body should the Government control PRIVATE BUSINESSES and INSURANCE COMPANIES?  We seem to want it all?  We want to have sex with whomever we want?  We want to have abortions BUT then we want the GOVERNMENT telling PRIVATE COMPANIES to pay for them with insurance?  When should we pay for our personal choices?  Is it really healthcare? Really and truly? You won't die without sex? It is a choice? A personal choice! Remember, your body, your choice!

Personally, I think the governement is a little too large and it is high time we take it down a notch or two, beginning with personal responsiblity and learning how to pay for our own way, so maybe we should spend less on our stilettos,purses and nails and a little more on our own healthcare if it is so damn important to us  :)

Last but not least if you look at Romney's site Abortion and women's issues are not even listed as issues.  Healthcare is, he clearly wants to rid us of Obamacare. Two different issues completely.  If you take a moment to step away from the War on Women rhetoric I think you need to decide deep down if you believe in big government and a NATIONAL/FEDERAL GOVERNMENT,which is fine, that is is your belief but that is the central difference between the two candidates, in my humble opininion.  Not WAR ON WOMEN or CLASS WARFARE.  OBAMA is your typical DEMOCRAT BIG GOVERNMENT and CENTRAL/ FEDERAL Government.  Let the GOVERNMENT fix it.  Romney is your TYPICAL REPUBLICAN, SMALLER GOVERNMENT, STATE'S rights respected and ''pull yourself up by the bootstraps".  Unfortunately, you need a mix of both.  The question, can either of these two candidates pull the two parties together to function in Congress?  I don't think President Obama has succeeded all that well, he lacks leadership qualities, just like Bush and Carter.  But, President Obama does have a good Campaign manager, he has managed to whip the women of this country into a frenzy!  In the olden days you would get one term to fix things or you were out? Looks like things are changing and I hope women will be happy and they get exactly what they want!!!  I thought we were long past the days of Abortion, Roe vs, Wade, Men Vs. Women but, here we are in 2012 fighting something that seems so small when other issues seem so much larger.  One woman said, "It isn't one or the other" Oh, I beg to differ, if you are voting because of WAR on Women then that is scary because if you truly believe Romney is out to get women well, that is as silly as thinking President Obama is a Socialist!  

My point, I hope you are voting for much deeper reasons :)



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